The Journey Begins

It was a glorious winter Sunday in North Florida, as my best friend and I talked through the week’s woes (as we often did) she said “are you sure you’re not like 50? You’re so wise!” It totally slips my mind what we were discussing but those moments have happened to me often through my short 27 years on this incredible earth. So, I thought to myself “Today. Today is the day I start writing my blog”.  It’s an idea I have toyed with for years. I had spent hours thinking of URLs, checking their availability on Instagram, but never actually wrote any content.

Now, here I am, a 27-year-old wife, 4th grade teacher, British expat, dog mother, sister, friend, world traveler, yogi and grieving daughter (we’ll talk a whole lot about that at a later date), creating a blog. Each of the preceding identities have shaped the person I am and am becoming, each was born from their own struggles.

I suppose I’m just here hoping that if any syllable of my story can encourage someone, anyone, to take that job, buy that house, move abroad, kiss that guy, take that leap of faith, travel more, love themselves, be kinder to the environment or say thank you to the next stranger they meet then my job here is done.

I love the world, I love adventure, I love people, I love my body, I have faith in humanity and believe that we truly can have everything we want. If you’re looking for some glamorous journey through life, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re open to wine drunk essays, dog stories, embarrassment, swear words, tears and a whole lot of “who gives a fuck” then I’m so happy you’re here! Join me in our journey to making the world a brighter, better place through (please attach “attempted” to the beginning of all of these):

  • self love
  • yoga
  • vegetarianism
  • sustainable living
  • law of attraction
  • travel
  • wine
  • meditation

and my own version of spirituality (kinda like religion but not).

Please note, I am not an expert on anything specific. I am not dietician, doctor, yoga teacher, counsellor, sommelier or therapist. But I am raw, real, unapologetic and honest. This is my journey through grief to growth and I can’t wait to share it with you.

“The Journey Begins” was the suggested title for this first post and I kinda liked it! So we’re gonna roll with it.

The World is a book and those who do not travel read merely a page. — St. Augustine.


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