Your gun problem is not MY problem.

So, I teach 4th grade and I LOVE it. They’re just the right combination of sassy and sweet. I could tell many oh em gee stories about the little hellions but that’s not why I’m here.

For anyone that has been living under a rock, there was recently a deadly shooting at a high school in South Florida. 17 innocent children died. For going to school.

Before I go any further remember, I’m British.

We had a single mass school shooting in 1996. 15 children and their teacher died for just being there. Where they should have been. It took less than a few months for the government to input laws that banned hand gun ownership in the UK. Why? Because the risks were just far too high. 15 young lives lost were 15 too many. There were firearm amnesties and thousands willingly handed over their weapons in pursuit of a safer life for everyone involved.

Okay, so we’ve never had a “gun culture” like y’all do here in the states, we don’t have a second amendment and we’re just a tiny little island floating in the Atlantic. But this is about perspective.

Emma Gonzales had it right when she quoted a teacher discussing gun violence as all “me, me, me”.

That’s all I hear. “I want a gun”, “I have the right to own weapons”, “I am a responsible gun owner”, “I need to protect myself”. While that’s all great, let’s flip the focus. The students have the right to attend school. The teachers have a right to go to work. We the community deserve to go about our daily business without the need to “protect” ourselves.

My county’s solution was to keep all internal and external doors locked at all times. We’re on week 2 and there are constantly students locked in the hallway, frustrated teachers and interrupted lessons. Like we weren’t already short on time?

My President’s solution, you ask. We’ll arm teachers of course! The only solution to gun violence is more guns and thus the likelihood of more gun violence. Hurrah! I’m glad we all put our big girl brains on when we got up this morning. I totally went into education for this. I’ll keep it in my drawer between my tic-tac’s, the confiscated toys and my sticky notes.

So, you have the second amendment, value it higher than human life and all that. Have your guns. Own a shot gun, go hunting. Carry a hand gun, if you feel you need it. But there is no need anyone has ever had for owning an assault rifle. Clue is in the name. They are rapid fire, semi-automatic weapons, developed with the sole purpose of killing as many people as they can in as short a time. How is that even legal?

Now, I love this country. But when it comes to guns y’all are out of your minds! The constitution is a living document. It is meant to change and adapt with the times. Hell, 100 years ago women weren’t even allowed to vote. Yes, you have the right to bear arms but 1. Have you ever considered that it possibly meant the arms of a bear? And 2. Why this one we go so crazy over? You will never lose the right to own a gun.

But please, for the love of every 4th grader in this country, weapons with the capacity to mow down innocent human beings in minutes need to be severely restricted or even better outlawed.

Let’s change the I and Me conversations to the Us and We. We can give up dangerous weapons for the continued safety and education of our children. We can come together to ensure our teachers feel safe creating the best lessons for our children. We can make small sacrifices for the greater and continued good of society.

Your right to a gun will NEVER be more important than my students right to learn.

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