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Soul Sisters: A Love Letter

I will claim that my friends are the greatest in the world! I’m sure most people would, but I am sure of it. I am so fucking blessed to have a collection of very best friends, or as I refer to them soul sisters, spread across the globe. I call them soul sisters because their friendships are so much deeper than wine talks, text messages and shared jokes (although we enjoy all of these).

These incredible women have inspiring energies that intertwines with mine so magically. They are independence, exploration, love, heart-on-my-sleeve, shit to the wind life livers.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is that they are all so unashamedly themselves. Whether they view themselves this way or not, I do. I am inspired by their trailblazing and connection to who they are. I am in awe of their passion and love.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is that they are all so different from each other. They are all so different from me. Yet we are all so the same. We pursue different careers, different lifestyles, different religions, yet all see the world in a similar way. My favourite people are kind in their interactions with others and the world.

Kind people are everyones kind of people.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is they are always looking to improve. Not from a place of lack, not from thinking they’re shitty people. But from a place of betterment. They want to be better and feel better. For themselves, for the world and for everyone they love. Fact of the matter is, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is how they ask what matters. A friend once messaged me to ask “how is your heart?” She could have asked how are you, which would have elicited the robot response “yeah fine.” This question literally changed how I ask my friends important questions. She was asking from the bottom of her heart and it filled mine with joy.

She asked how my heart was truly feeling, not how I was expected to be.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is that distance means nothing. Distance, meaning miles and distance meaning time. We can go 5,000 miles, 5 hours or 5 weeks without talking. They very next conversation is as if time and space do not exist. Because to our souls they do not.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is that they allow me to love them in my favourite way. That means 7 text messages in a row, poop questions, late night cries and drunken laughter. That means hugs and coffee and small gifts and memes.

My favourite thing about my favourite people is they make me better.

They say you are a culmination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I would be proud to be as wonderful as my favourite people. They encourage me to be healthier, happier, calmer, more relaxed, more myself. I tell them I’m going to sell everything I own, set fire to my passport and sail to Polynesia and they say “that sounds awesome! We’ll come visit!” I say I’m going to close myself in my bedroom and cry myself to sleep and they say “is there anything I can do for you right now?”, “I love you” and “do whatever you need to do to feel better”.

They are there. Regardless of the highs or lows of emotions.

They inspire me to be better friends by their awesome friendshipness.

So through Finland, England, the States, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea, I love you. I’m proud of you. You guys make my fucking life. Did I mention that I love you?

3 thoughts on “Soul Sisters: A Love Letter”

  1. Love this so much!!! Rings so true to my life and pretty much all of my friendships right now. But I feel blessed, these people I know I could count on if it really came to it and I needed them. Might be my favorite one yet 🙂 oh, and nice photo xxxx


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