When was the last time you thanked your body?

That might sound crazy. And maybe it is? But when was it? Have you ever? Have you ever stopped to show some gratitude for the thing that carries you around day in and day out?

As a woman, we are always being told that we are too fat, too fat or a combination of the above.

I know we, as a generation, were not part of creating this patriarchal problem where women’s bodies are never good enough. But we sure as hell as responsible for it’s perpetuation. We allow others to dictate how we feel about ourselves by buying it to whatever they are saying.

Women are constantly being told to workout, be tight and toned have a great booty! But don’t go to the gym too often you’ll get muscly and unattractive! Women are being told to lose weight and then told they’d be more attractive with a little more meat on their bones. Society still seems to think that it can objectify our bodies on our figures.

Ladies, the change starts with us. Internally! Now, have you ever stopped to think how fucking awesome your body is?!

This was not something I had ever thought about until my mum got sick. In the depths of her struggle we both found more positivity than I would have imagined humanly possible. Rather than be consumed by the one thing that was wrong in her body, she decided to focus on all the things that were fucking right! And my gosh, so much is fucking right!

Your body grows, repairs, digests, heals, strengthens and even reproduces without a single thought from you.

How fucking awesome is it that I can decide to go for a run and my body knows exactly what to do every fucking time?! My body catches itself before it hits the ground, minimizes any harm that it can. My body fights off germs before I even know I have them. Every fucking day my body turns up for me regardless of how I treat it!

So, it is time! It is time for us, as women, as people of this earth, to start turning up for our bodies the way it turns up for us! Grab a journal and write a list of 10 fucking awesome things your body does.

Mine would look like this. I am so fucking grateful that my body strengthens every time I work out. I am so fucking grateful that my body repairs muscles while I sleep. I am so fucking grateful that my body wakes up every day, kicks me out of bed and gets going. I am so fucking grateful that my body stretches and allows me to practice yoga. I am so fucking grateful that my body turns my food in to energy. I am so fucking grateful that my body keeps my skin, hair and nails healthy every day. I am so fucking grateful that my body fixes my cuts and bruises all by herself. I am so fucking grateful that my body has kept me out of any hospital facility my whole fucking life! I am so fucking grateful that my body allows me to travel the world, to hike and explore.

And finally, I am so fucking grateful that my body keeps me going every day even though I treat her less than she deserves.

That final thought has been a game changer for me. The “healthiness” of my lifestyle these days in miles from the one I used to lead because of that thought right there! My body keeps going even when I eat 3 drive through meals in a day, sleep less than 6 hours, drink little to no water, drink way too much wine, slob on the couch for days on end. She keeps going every fucking time! I started thinking “doesn’t she deserve better?” Doesn’t my sweet little body deserve to be loved and cherished? She is everything I am. She is everything YOU are!

So, thank your body! Thank her for each and every thing she does right every day and treat her well because she does those things. Flawlessly. Every time. Without you even asking. Show gratitude to yourself and watch how your relationship with your body will change.

P.S. this post inspired by the entire pack of fruit snacks I devoured in my classroom today 😦 I’m sorry sweet little body and I vow to do better tomorrow.

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