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A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear sweet baby girl,

You’re in for the most incredible ride, so be ready. But not too ready. You will not be in control of some of the most exciting parts of your journey. You will climb mountains (literally and emotionally). You will celebrate and you will fall. Each set of tumultuous circumstances will lead you to exactly where you need to be. And teach you exactly what you needed to learn. Look for the lessons. It will help keep you heart safe.

It’s okay to feel different than those around you. Your soul was born to do different things. You will not fit it sometimes. Often. Embrace the fact that you tread your own path. Your parents told you from the moment you entered this world, you were your own person. And you will continue to be. Be brave. You will believe different things. See things in a different way and feel things so deeply. Believe in your self, you know, what you know.

Please don’t feel alone. Like everyone else is out socializing and you are not. You need your alone time to recharge and be your best self. Your time really is sacred! Read your favourite books, then read them again. Take hot baths. Walk in nature. Dance. And breathe. You need this time more than you know. Start taking time for you now. And take it every day.

You’ll find your tribe. But it will take years, many continents and incredible serendipity. Be safe in the knowledge that your people will find you exactly when you need them. You will find them in the strangest places. But your people will stick to you like glue, across thousands of miles and many years. Together you will love, grow, travel and heal. When you find them you’ll know. They will provide you with such love.

There will be huge heart ache, sweet girl. There will be moments when you feel your heart being ripped from your chest, thrown on the ground, stamped to pieces and then set on fire for good measure. I wish I could shield you from these but I cannot. They will awaken pieces of you you did not know existed. These are the pieces that will help you change the world.

Be careful of that which you consume. Food, media, music, words, thoughts, love. Your empathy runs deep. Do not let the woes of the world get you down. Guard your heart. Consume only that which makes you feel good. Remove negativity from your life. There is a fine line between being informed and being pulled down. The world will continue to tick by whether you pay attention to the negativity or not. So only pay attention to that which lifts you up.

Never, ever, let a person make you feel like you are not worthy. Man, woman, friend or foe, people will try to tear you down. It says very little about you and much more about them. Give these people one chance, then walk away. Your energy is too fragile to be carrying the weight of others insecurities.

You will travel the world. You will travel far and freely. There will be enough time. Do not worry that you will run out of time to see everywhere you want to see. It is part of who you are and it flows freely to you. On your travels, you will discover some things about yourself that make you uncomfortable. This is the Universe pointing you in the right direction. All you have to do in listen.

Some times you will feel sad. The crippling kind that pins you down. The dark haze you feel will never lift. The kind that you think will kill you. You cannot drink, fuck or party the sadness away. But it is okay if you try. You can only hide it for so long. I need you to know that you will get better. You will make it through 100% of your worst days. But only you can take that first step. It is okay to feel the sadness. You need to first feel the sadness to be able to heal your soul. Your life is so worth living baby girl. Just turn up for yourself each and every day. You will make it. The world needs you.

Yoga will find you when you need it most. Let it align you, love you and heal you. Practice daily and intentionally. It will change your life, but I will let you discover how.

Listen to your heart. Ask questions. Take big leaps. You were born for greatness. And you will learn, oh too soon, that life is way too short.

6 thoughts on “A Letter to my Younger Self”

  1. made me cry today i love this! Love your free spirit…love your soul. I have never met or been friends with anyone like you! You my friend are one of the greatest people i know! I love you friend!!!paula

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  2. It’s difficult to comment as we knew each other (for a bit!). But we both lost our mum’s young, and unlike you I really struggle to express the pain it’s caused me despite my life ‘on paper’ looking ok.

    Took a few drinks to comment at all but just wanted you to know anonymously that you and your blog are inspiring and I’m sad to see the problems you have had. Wish you all the best.

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    1. Please don’t feel like struggling is a bad thing. I struggle each and every day that I have to face life without my mum. I have found the more I let it out the easier it becomes to verbalise. Holding the sadness in doesn’t make it any easier to bear.

      I hope you find what your heart needs. I hope you find your best version of healing. I am here for you if you ever need it, whoever you may be.


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