About Me

I’ve been putting off filling out this page. How do you sum up who you are in a few paragraphs? How do you take every person you’ve ever met, every situation you’ve ever been in and every emotion you’ve lived with, that created who you are, and sum yourself up?

I am one fucked up soul miraculously traversing this earth hoping to find others just like me.

I am a big fan of my nan’s favourite saying “a problem shared is a problem halved”. I do not believe we as people should ever suffer in silence. Whether it be grief, depression or terrible bar service. In an effort to un-silence others I have chosen to be very open about my problems and my successes. It was not until I started talking about my struggle with depression that I found a handful of friends also suffering silently. My motto is pretty simple if it sucks, share it. If you love it, share it.

We are blessed with a beautiful earth, full of beautiful things and even more beautiful people. I believe everyone deserves a life that sets their soul on fire. Now, that looks different to every single person.

To me, travel is a gateway to who you really are. It is the closest we can ever get to living in someone else’s shoes.

I hope to share with you my travels, my yoga journey and my life.