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Y’all, put the phones down!

The addiction to videoing, photographing and live streaming is a straight up shun of the present moment. I spent years photographing every thing I did. Videoing every gig. Taking a photo of everything I ate. You know what I remember of those moments? Very little. I was so obsessed with taking the best photo, finding the best lighting or holding the best smile that I really missed out on the actual moment. I didn't realize that by focusing on that tiny screen I wasn't focusing on me, my friends and each glorious moment I was hellbent on capturing forever.


A little less like “me”- A shift in perspective

We have this tendency in life to see who we are, our character, as set in stone. Like some unchangeable concept of individuality. Over the past 2 years I have become less like 'me' than I have ever felt. That is, less like the me I had always fought for. The me I felt like… Continue reading A little less like “me”- A shift in perspective