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Soul Sisters: A Love Letter

I will claim that my friends are the greatest in the world! I'm sure most people would, but I am sure of it. I am so fucking blessed to have a collection of very best friends, or as I refer to them soul sisters, spread across the globe. I call them soul sisters because their… Continue reading Soul Sisters: A Love Letter

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Today, I went to therapy and other stories.

P.S. There are no other stories. Sorry to disappoint. So, it wasn't my first time in a counseling session. Nor will it be my last, I'm sure. But I decided recently after the past 2-4 years as I have fallen down each and every pothole life has thrown at me, it was probably time to… Continue reading Today, I went to therapy and other stories.

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Y’all, put the phones down!

The addiction to videoing, photographing and live streaming is a straight up shun of the present moment. I spent years photographing every thing I did. Videoing every gig. Taking a photo of everything I ate. You know what I remember of those moments? Very little. I was so obsessed with taking the best photo, finding the best lighting or holding the best smile that I really missed out on the actual moment. I didn't realize that by focusing on that tiny screen I wasn't focusing on me, my friends and each glorious moment I was hellbent on capturing forever.