A little less like “me”- A shift in perspective

We have this tendency in life to see who we are, our character, as set in stone. Like some unchangeable concept of individuality. Over the past 2 years I have become less like 'me' than I have ever felt. That is, less like the me I had always fought for. The me I felt like… Continue reading A little less like “me”- A shift in perspective


Why Through Grief and Gratitude?

On April 12th 2017 my heart and soul was ripped from my chest, torn in to tiny pieces and set on fire, at least that’s how it felt. Yet somehow, I was also overcome by an almost destroying sense of relief. This was the day my incredible 53-year-old mum finally passed away after a 3-year… Continue reading Why Through Grief and Gratitude?


The Journey Begins

It was a glorious winter Sunday in North Florida, as my best friend and I talked through the week’s woes (as we often did) she said “are you sure you’re not like 50? You’re so wise!” It totally slips my mind what we were discussing but those moments have happened to me often through my… Continue reading The Journey Begins